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I’m still okay.

For all those wondering, my health has been doing a lot better.

But on other news, the city hates me. Read all about it here: news!

So the husband and I are currently living at our groomsman’s place (yay Dan!) and going day by day. I’ve had to buy some clothes, since I pretty much had nothing on me when I left the building, and both Wes and Heather have been so kind to lend me clothes and stuff. I’m so thankful for such fabulous friends.

Surprisingly (or not, I guess), I’ve found more information about the situation in the news than I have from the building update meetings. It’s so fustrating that the whole situation wasn’t handled very well and we can point fingers all we want, but the fact is – we’re all out of the building due to safety concerns and I know it’s a huge inconvenience but I’d rather they do their job and ensure we’re safe than to let us back in.

Things that I worry about even though I have no control over:
- my two plants sitting on the window sill. they’re goners.
- the nectarines and watermelons we have out of the fridge
- the bag of garbage (watermelon rinds) by the door
- the dishes in the sink

Oh well. One day at a time.

Tandem for one.

Ed visited Vancouver over the weekend where we spent a fair deal of time (but not enough, imo) eating and doing touristy stuff. The schedule went as follows:

  • Ed arrived at 9:00am
  • After much indecisiveness, I decided to go to Nu for brunch
  • We get there at 10, only to find that it doesn’t open until 10:30. fail.
  • We bum around until 10:30, get inside and sit on the pretty patio. I am freezing. Ed takes a total of two work phone calls while eating.
  • We finish eating and Ambrose heads off to do manly things while Ed and I decide to rent a bicycle and ride around Stanley. We head down Robson Street.
  • Find some random bike rental store on Denman and rent a tandem after perusing some of the sweet-looking ones outside. What they give us cannot even be called a lemon, it was so busted. Ed takes another work phone call.
  • Try to bike around the block on it and it’s a bazillion times harder than it looked. Most likely because our bike was old and the seats were all off and disproportionate to the handle bars. We were a danger on the road, and I thought we would die on several occasions.
  • Took the bike back to the shop and decided to get two single bikes. I requested a cruiser. They’re so much fun!
  • Made our way to Stanley and biked around, stopping at many random tourist areas and debated running through the water park. Ed got freaked out with all the rock sculptures. Ed takes three work phone calls.
  • The bike took us 2 hours, and then we walked down Denman to Mondo’s for 6 scoops of gelato.
  • Back home for a short bit, and then off to visit the Vancouver branch of his company.
  • We ate dinner at Samurai on Davie. He apparently loves wasabi to the point where its disgusting.
  • Hung out at night with some of his work people at Doolin’s.
  • Woke up bright and early the next morning to hike the grouse grind. I still suck at it. A lot.
  • Didn’t have time for ramen lunch, so we said our goodbyes and he went off to the airport all sweaty from the hike

I had a great time with him in town. Pictures can be found on the tab at the top of the page. :) Thanks for visiting!!!

Gratitude Cafe Tour!

Jason Mraz announced the dates for the second leg of his gratitude cafe tour recently! While I complained that Vancouver wasn’t on his original list, it’s up there on the second! And the best part? John got me tickets for my birthday! Eeeeeeee! So excited! Does this count as a mini honeymoon? A’s rolling his eyes at me…