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eight freaking four!

Up yours CS450! Woooooooooooooooo!!!!! One last walk to the SLC on Saturday to have my $101 textbook rejected because it was missing a CD it never came with, and that was the end of UW. *sigh*

I will miss you Waterloo, in all your nerdy glory. I will miss the sunsets and sunrises in the SLC, in the 2nd floor UNIX lab, the 3rd floor UNIX lab, and the 6th floor UNIX lab.

I will miss all the birthday pieing and random pieing and the memory of when pi day really meant free pie.

I will miss the potlucks where chan always brought a chicken from sobey’s and elton always brought dumplings.

I will miss the classrooms where we used to save a whole row of seats, poking wes when he got sleepies, getting poked by wes for no reason whatsoever, dominating the cs245 tutorial class, the sci206 class in 4th year that was like cs reunion.

Very little time to think things through. It’ll all hit me when I’m back from Europe I’m sure.

In the meantime, I leave you with a picture of me and the knapsack that I will be lugging around across Europe.

30 pounds of I don’t even know what. I swear it’s not all clothes!

you know you code too much when…

so @ slc today during lunch, elton andrew and I were munching down while looking @ stats labs.

ltun: you know what my favourite word is? “for”.
me: … as in, the number “four”?
ltun: no no, “for”.
me: …. as in “for” loops?!
dru: for loops are quite good. those are good loops. it’s just hard to get out of one
me: there’s always the break command
dru: but that’s improper grammar.
ltun: then what about the while loop?
dru: yeah, the while loop is good for that
ltun: but then some can argue that the while loop is just another for loop
dru: that’s true, that’s true…
me: oh my god.
ltun: my favourite letter is “i”

hahahahaa, it was so hilarious!! you guys are the best! =) definetly brightened up my day.
so anyways, I went to stats lab not knowing anything, and almost had a heart attack when no one showed up until RIGHT when class started. we had fun picking blocks and stuff. that was a fun lab.

I’m at dc lib again right now, nerding out with my hunnie.

ambrose: is there a hole-puncher around here?
me: yeah, there’s one up at the front of the library. someone hasn’t been here in a while!
ambrose: the last time I came here was half a year ago!
me: the last time I came here was… yesterday.
ambrose: …

=P so I hope ed’s midterm went well!! you passed right??
and thank you chris for your addy. what would you like in your care package? =)
kay, back to c++. if anyone has any help to give me on cs algorithms, please do, because that’s the midterm I’m dreading the most!!