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Eurotrip Recap

End of the trip, and this calls for a recap:
Paris hostels have nothing but cold and dirty showers.
Elton and Min witnessed a man taking a crap in the metro in Paris.
We went to see Les Mis in London :D
Elton nearly got smashed by a bus today by running into the road.
So did I.
I heart Gaudi.
Elton heart Titian.
Wayne heart Michaelangelo’s Pieta.
Elton and A both heart Bernini.
I ran into Stephie, Simon and Cammie in Paris!
But most importantly:
I come home tomorrow :D

I heart you Toronto!

Mid trip highlights

1. Wayne broke his digicam by dropping it on the floor of the Duomo museumnce in Florence
2. Wayne bought a new digicam in Rome and has since been taking an even larger number of photos than usual
3. Elton has gotten bird crapped on in every city in Italy (Rome’s may or may not count as he actually sat in the crap)
4. Wayne sat ion a radiator in a museum in Venice, it made a big cracking noise, and he was then followed by security around the rest of the building
5. Wayne got yelled at by Security in Florence for taking photos in a NO PHOTO zone
6. Wayne got yelled at by the laundromat owner for using too much free detergent
7. A got his wallet lifted with zero dollars in it
8. Tomorrow we hit Barcelona

Boo on Venice

So I also forgot to mention that while in our money hole that was Venice, there was a train strike. Of course, we can’t read Italian or understand Italian, so us and other silly tourists were unaware of this until it actually happened. And unfortunetly for us, our hostel was on Mestre, the mainland which requires a 10 minute train ride out. So at 9:02pm we’re at the train station after laying down a lot of money in the money sucking city and hoping to go home early for a relaxing evening when we look at the train departure board and none of the times are… soon. And none of the trains are going anywhere. And everything is closed.

So we’re stranded at the train station, two minutes after the 24 hour strike started. TWO. MINUTES. You better believe I was hella pissed. We ended up having to cram onto a really really really packed transit bus with a gazillion other poor non-Italian tourists who didn’t know there’d be a strike just to make it back to our hostel.

Secretly, we think it was a ploy that Venice was just trying to keep tourists on its island to milk more money out of them. Sneaky sneaky.


Heyos! Internet is dirt cheap in Florence (2 euros for an hour!) so I’m here to update you guys. I’m not yet dead, not yet mugged, and I know you’re all a little disappointed because you thought I’d have some super sob stories to report to you. Well tough.

My four days in Venice were pretty ass. Not because planner Elton did a bad job, he did a great job. It’s just the city itself is a money hole. Everything is so retardedly expensive!!! The only cheap thing is gelato, which is 1 euro for a big hefty scoop in a nice sugar cone. And even those you have to really hunt for. We did a lot of hunting while we were there. Plus, the city is crowded as heck. So many people everywhere getting all in my way and all that jazz. Elton and Wayne decided that their next vacation would be someplace where tourists never go. They said Alaskan cruise, and I didn’t want to break their hearts by telling them that those are actually pretty popular so I just let it slide.

For our last two days in Venice we stayed in this ass hostel. There were BUGS in the place. Not big-ass, size of your fist bugs, but bugs none the less. No one else noticed it though, until I pointed out that the number of dead bugs in the hallway grew overnight because we left the hall light on and they just toasted themselves to death. Poor Elton also found out last night that none of us go barefoot in the showers because… you just don’t let your skin touch anything. Now he’s all disgusted with it, and everywhere we go he tries to find a pharmacy to buy sandals. Hahaha!! :D

I also have more things to bash about Venice, but I wrote them in my postcards out so I’ll have to tell you about them later. The main one is about gondola rides. For those waiting for a postcard, I’m extremely poor so I’m only sending out two postcards per city (and only if I can find me some cheap postcards, I refuse to spend more than .30 euro a card), so in Vienna I sent postcards home and to Bryan, and Venice I sent postcards to Eduardo and Yada. I think Florence I will be sending postcards to Carmie and Kalun.

Florence has also been a bust so far, gelato is 2 euro a scoop :( We’re trying to tough it out, because man, Eurotrip is not cheap! We’re all trying to curb our spending, but it’s hard because we don’t like living like hobos (or using the new phrase we coined up, homobo).

Many memories are happening on this trip, but that will have to be for another post. I desperately need to get a notebook to take down some proper memories. Hope everything is good with all you kids back home. Almost 10pm here, so bedtime for me (we had an early morning trying to catch our 630am train, so I’m very very tired).


Greetings from Vienna!

Hey all! I’m in Vienna, alive and well, as is the rest of my friends. We’ve been in Europe for a week now, so I think that’s a pretty big accomplishment. :D Prague is a great city, I went around and got a good look at all the old buildings in Old Town, Min got harrassed in the bathroom of our hostel by a bunch of drunk girls screaming “duuuuuutch”, and we ran into John Sey and his group while strolling around near Prague Castle. Elton also discussed the usefulness of his washboard abs.

Cesky Krumlov was also a great place to go, we got to see the castle in Cesky which is less grand as Prague but then again the city is … really really small. Like you can walk from one end to the other in 20 minutes. But the castle was really interesting because it had a moat (which was mainly the river) and in case the moat didn’t stop invaders, they had a BEAR PIT. With three bears. It was pretty neat!

Now we’re in Vienna and I’m using paid-internet (boo!). We went to see the Habsburg summer palace today, along with St. Stephen’s church. Oh, I also got lifted. By a frekking kid. No worries though, I have no valuables in my pocket, I’m smarter than that ;). But I swear, the girl was not even in highschool yet. She and a friend of hers tried to run up against me while boarding the subway and I just stared at her as she stared at me. I felt her hands go in or near my jacket pockets which I had left unzipped and then she ran away, it all happened pretty quickly. But nothing in my pockets except… hand sanitizer and some kleenex. Clo’s backpack is awesomeness, I swear.

We also ate schnitzel today, but it took a lot of effort just to get some. Apparently May 1st is a holiday here in Vienna. For I don’t know what reason. But the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed, there were crazy line ups all around the city, and it was crowded as heck. We ended up at Schnitzelhaus, I think it’s a fast food chain of schnitzel. Min and Wayne got the Reisenschnitzel which is pretty much like a big big big ass hunk of schnitzel. Somewhere along the way, Elton’s abs being so chiseled they could start a fire was also discussed.

Okay, I have a few emails to send out and only 8 minutes left. So I hope you’re all doing well!

Yada I didn’t get ap ostcard for you from Prague, but I promise |you’ll get a vienna one! Bryan, I wrote your prague one, but didn’t get a chance to send it, it’ll be coming from Vienna. Everyone else, I left your addresses at home :( I’m sorry! Send me an email again with your address please!

Love tee

Eurotrip 2006!!

eight freaking four!

Up yours CS450! Woooooooooooooooo!!!!! One last walk to the SLC on Saturday to have my $101 textbook rejected because it was missing a CD it never came with, and that was the end of UW. *sigh*

I will miss you Waterloo, in all your nerdy glory. I will miss the sunsets and sunrises in the SLC, in the 2nd floor UNIX lab, the 3rd floor UNIX lab, and the 6th floor UNIX lab.

I will miss all the birthday pieing and random pieing and the memory of when pi day really meant free pie.

I will miss the potlucks where chan always brought a chicken from sobey’s and elton always brought dumplings.

I will miss the classrooms where we used to save a whole row of seats, poking wes when he got sleepies, getting poked by wes for no reason whatsoever, dominating the cs245 tutorial class, the sci206 class in 4th year that was like cs reunion.

Very little time to think things through. It’ll all hit me when I’m back from Europe I’m sure.

In the meantime, I leave you with a picture of me and the knapsack that I will be lugging around across Europe.

30 pounds of I don’t even know what. I swear it’s not all clothes!

Eurotrip 2006

Hey kids! Just thought I’d inform you that tetleytee.com will be going on a one-month mini hiatus as website owner and soon-to-be post-secondary graduate is exploring western Europe with four of her favourite nerd friends. There may be small updates here and there as I hit up different internet cafes, but most of the time will be spent taking lots of pictures and frantically trying to catch trains and airplanes. I would try for the whole postcard thing, but after two trips of promising and still not sending them out, I’m not going to try this time. Sorry folks, I’ve come to terms that I’m just terrible at sending postcards. I will obviously post again before I leave, but if anyone has been to Europe and has great deals and tips and stuff, please leave a comment!!