starting over


quickly now….
I bet chris is probably reading this RIIIIIGHT now hahahaa =) *huggies* it was soooo great seein you this weekend! honestly, I’ve missed you! glad to hear you’re doin well on your work term. and that story about the fishies… don’t use that to pick up chicks. it’ll make em cringe. =( hehehe.
so I got to see chris this wknd. jamie and I headed over to marc’s place after dinner on saturday and ivano and chris and jason m were there. it was a good fun guys night out thing where we watched movies, laughed at each other (when jamie stole chris’ comfy chair) and I ate lots of cake and cookies. many pictures were snapped, but none shall be posted until hunnie is done with the cam this week (he needs it for his bridge project). um, I also went shopping with ken, did i mention that? *scrolls down* alrite I did. but I DIDN’T mention that I didn’t get to go see andrew n company. because I got to see marc. and ivano. and chris. and… yeah… I’ve known ivano longer.
sunday I went to db practice. took many shots of simon teaching the boys trying to do a lion dance. it was quite funny. =) followed dan home afterwards and watched him and his lil bro play a game of ball against simon and … dan’s little neighbour kid. it was so funny!! and the net wasn’t even that high up, so Andrew could walk up to it with the ball lift his arms up, and drop it in. Simon called him yao ming the whole nite. hahaaa =) and dan’s mom made us some amazing food. the veggies were very scrumptous. and then the drove us back to wat. thanks daaaan! =)
I got to see my hunnie last nite too! I told him I had a craving for homebaked cookies, and being the amazing wonderful man that he is, he took me out to sobey’s to go buy some pillsbury dough to bake some! yaaay! of course, his oven is cancer causing, so the first batch turned out nasty burnt. the second batch turned out muuuuuch better after we turned down the heat… mmmm!!! kay that’s about it. gonna get to class. =) expecting a comment from chris when I get back! hahaha

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