starting over


*cough cough cough*
andrew says I have sars, the stupid jerk. he’s avoiding me like the plague. I should go cough on him. I’ve been mad sniffly all day, and it feels like there’s an echo in my head, everything’s buzzy. I’d sleep, but I’ve got SO much work to do.
and I’m SO stupid today!! omg, I’ve been trying to get so many assignments done, and I’m not EVEN halfway through ONE of the three because nothing’s making sense! I feel so dumb! I don’t wanna be weakest link!!!! *cries*
I was hoping hunnie could give me a ride home today, but he was so busy with stuff that I didn’t bother asking. I’m pretty =( right now… just the whole being sick and stressed and monthly and lacking the love. maybe it’ll pass. I need some chocolate. and my pooh bear. *cough*

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