starting over


my cellphone is now an awesome txtmsg communicator tool. its great cuz no one pays long-d bills for sending msgs around, and Im always entertained! for example:
ltun: doo bee doo bee doo person sittin beside u (min) is a loser who walks into walls hahaha. =)
Duck: Wayne’s the coolest guy ever!!
ambrose: hey hunnie where are you? i hope you’re okay i miss you tons
I actually got a lot of fun ones from ltun, including ones where he drew a penguin for me (!!!) but I don’t have the skills to draw it out =(

anyways, responding to some posts:
alex – from now on, you’re banned from posting anything unless it fits into my happy happy rainbow sunshine blog. hahaha! *COUGH*
matt – I’m NOT paying for any medical bills. if your computer falls apart from sars, it’s your own fault for clicking here!
ed – truffles for tee? *grin*
hun – kay, u didn’t post (like always) but *mwa* anyways

and lastly–
thank you mommy n daddy for coming in this morning and loading me up on healthy essentials: thermometer (I’ve never actually owned my own thermometer before!) and alki swabs, apple juice, robitussin, tylenol, yogurt, jacket, oatmeal.
~*~*happy birthday soobs*~*~
the chances of you reading this blog are slim, but here’s to not forgetting gifted. hope you’re doing well in mcgill (damn you for leaving!). I miss our biannual chats!! take cares luv.

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