starting over


so I went clicking around on dave’s site again, and I saw a link to pages of ppl getting married. being the helpless romantic that I am, I clicked away, and found Evance and Angela‘s wedding page. Even tho I didn’t know them, I was curious to see pictures, so *click* and after browsing the wedding photos for a bit, I see a girl that looks oddly familiar. “wow look! it’s paulineeeeeee!!” yeah, I thought that was pretty cool. on other notes, I’m still trying to find a way to make kittie fit properly on my blog thing (glances down). he’s a lil too big for his own good. =P
oh, another thing, thank you ed for the vitasoy supply! yaaaay!! *hugs* and I got to play badmitten with iola FINALLY this term. =P ltun n I vs iola and ed. ltun is really really happy with he plays. I give him my racquet, and serve, and then move off to the side and let him go wild. it’s fun to watch, he’s like a little kid. plus, he’s WIKKID at badmitten. like… wow wikkid. I wish wish wish I could play like him.

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