starting over


quick posting: I saw hunnie yesterday. we had sushi and watched movies, which is super quality time well spent together. =) *mwa* so as a note, I suggest EVERYONE should watch Forever and Ever if they haven’t seen it. It’s based on a true story about a boy who has hemophilia and contracts HIV from a blood transfusion. It’s really touching, and I cried buckets while watching it. really really REALLY good movie. but those not wanting to cry buckets should watch Hero, a DAMN good movie with Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung and Jet Li and Zhang Ziyi. Just a warning, I think Zhang Ziyi is very out of place in the entire movie… but whatever. It’s a really awesome movie. Yesterday was just awesome movie day. I also watched About a Boy but that kid… his eyebrows pissed me off soooo much. =P
Gonna get back to studying. Hope you guys are all having a good weekend, gotta go find a simpsons quote for donna now… we’re playing trivia with my away msgs. I should stop making them so EASY tho!!!! haahaaa

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