starting over


update update update!! oi!!
firstly, for iolas sof had a big fat update with colour pages and the works. it made tee happy.
second, tee’s currently getting the game black and white from ville *eee!!* I’m all excited cuz he hyped it up so well. apparently, you play god to a bunch of villagers. but that’s not the best part. the best part is (get this) you can throw stones at people with your invisible hand. hahahah!! oh man, doesn’t that sound SO cool?? =)
… *ahem* okay, moving on… tee finally finished her two major presentations today. business and english done, at the expense of an alg assignment… cs due friday, calc final on monday. this means no celebration of birthday allowed. booo =(
hey bryan, what do you want for your birthday?
and laine: happy early birthday biatch. thanks a bunch for having a partay on my birthday. =P your gift is gonna be late. sollies.
s’about it.
oh, and DONNA, I know you’d ask about the picture. it’s updated. PROPERLY, this time, might I add.
and to vicky, hope you’re having muchos fun on your trip =)
and to shooey, this is actually tee. referring to herself as a third person. again. less confused? =) and THANK YOU for the cup!! *BIG HUGS*

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