starting over


so I explained to ville how my age works. basically, I’m an arctan function. for those that don’t know what an arctan function looks like, it’s the tan function, but with flipped axes, and only one line. so my age goes like this:
age = 20arctan(year) for year > 0
and that’s when ambrose called me the biggest math geek around. >_<
so calc was today. i think I bombed it. it wasn’t long, and it wasn’t super super hard. it’s just… all the material had suddenly escaped my brain and was dancing around in everyone ELSE’S brain so I was left going “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
but now I have no time to whine, cuz I hafta study for alg. so my birthday went something like this:
ambrose didn’t wake up early enough to make me breakfast. so I made my own. but he’s making me breakfast tomorrow, if he can haul his lazy butt outta bed and come over to make my mushroom omelette. my parents came in with food and cake and took me and ambrose out to lunch. mmm…. congee. =) and then we came back, tiff and ville and andi wished me happy birthday, along with the numerous icq msgs (thanks everyone), and then it was no more fun because I had to study. =( but ambrose did cook us a steak dinner (and I had shrimp cocktail!! mmm!!!) by the end of the nite I was feeling really super depressed cuz it was my birthday and I couldn’t do anything to celebrate and instead I got stuck cramming for a stupid final that is VERY important to my over all mark. talk about unfairness. so to make me feel better, ambrose took me out to play with those sparklies fireworks and he sang happy birthday for me and then we went back and ate from the cake that dan had baked for the both of us.
and then it was this morning and I did crappies, and now I’m home. s’about it. hope everyone ELSE had a better weekend =) and thanks again ppl!!

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