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Descartes’ Lost Lemma
- Descartes was bad at logic
- Penguins are bad at logic
- Therefore, Descartes was a penguin
You’ve all seen this proof before. Last week, however, a small group of mathies decided to look into this lemma and found out that Descartes was much more than just a penguin – as you’ll see by the lemma they discovered:
- We wear suits as an attempt to please others
- Whores attempt to please others
- Penguins wear suits
- Penguins are whores
- Descartes was a whore
Researchers attempted to confront the penguin community about this astounding breakthrough, but the lead penguin just squealed incomprehensibly while trying to run. Descartes was unavailable for comment.
brought to my attention by dan, after I had missed the previous copy of mathNews: the source of joy for all geeky mathies.

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