starting over


oh DUDE was dragonboating awesome =) muchos muchos thanks to iola and bryan for coming out and cheering me on!! *HUGGIES* it was so super awesome to see you guys, honestly!! I’m sorrie I couldn’t find you guys after the race (where did you go?) but did you see us come in… erm… third? =) our race times were 2:29 and 2:32. I was soooo sore that saturday nite. but then on sunday… oh we kicked some SERIOUS butt!! I’m so super happies for the team!! we landed a spot in the final E division (which makes us one of the top 30 teams out of the 90-something community teams)… and we were up against… one highschool team, a UT team, western team, and some… other team with much older ppl… but we smoked everyone’s ass!! 2:17 baby! whooooooooo!! I’m sooooooo happy. I wish I had a picture to show you guys, but it cost ten bucks and I only had five on me (and that became one after I indulged in a funnel cake) so you’ll all have to wait until I can find quie (I don’t know how to spell his name) to scan it.
anyways, hi to matt and peter and his crew of happy boys n gals (fousten included) cuz I bumped into them at the docks. and jen fong cuz I saw her as we were leaving on saturday. and steph lim cuz we raced a good race with her *she was on the UT team* and now I’m gonna go get some rest cuz I’m SOOOOOOOO tired. but wheeee!
our team has some strange strange cheers. I think bryan and iola thought we were weeeeeeird after seeing my team. but our “porn train” psyched EVERYONE out! mwahahhaaa….
ooookay, gnites guys!

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