starting over


Tetleytee is back online!

So for some reason, my blog died somewhere in May and then my domain expired, and I finally switched it over to another hosting site so everything is now up and running (with about 5 months of nothingness).

That’s not to say I haven’t been busy! Read about my last four months after the jump.

I completed my cooking challenge. I haven’t set myself up for another yet since I’m super busy, but I’m thinking December may be a good time to start again.

Husband and I will be taking a long-awaited trip to Asia soon. Totally excited as we’ve never traveled there together, and there are lots of family I want him to meet. We’ll also be wandering Vietnam! Any thoughts on places to visit / foods to eat, let me know!

We’ve been super active this summer with VOS. For the first time in 5 years, we’ve actively participated in races. The one thing we didn’t end up doing this year, which is on my bucket list for next year, is a tandem race together. Another highlight – we did our first change race in Seattle, and I successfully got in and out of a boat. Crazy proud. And another highlight – completed my first surprise huli when I flipped in a solo during a time trial this summer. I didn’t drown, and I still finished, so overall a huge achievement.

I’m a Yelp Elite, which is super fun and has kept me pretty busy all summer. I’m finally getting rewarded for my love of eating!

More recently, I’ve gotten back into running. I’m quite terrible at it now, but I’ll slowly work my way back to a good time. Average route is 6.5K, so it should only take about a month before I’m back at 8k? Except I’m going to Asia soon, right. Bah.

Husband and I took our first road trip ever and drove ourselves to Banff & Jasper for a 4 day weekend. It was a tight trip, but the sights were beautiful! Perhaps next year we’ll take more time off and actually do some serious hiking?

I tried stand-up paddle board for the second time in my life (the first time being in Hawaii and I was constantly afraid of falling into coral and killing myself, so it was pretty stressful). I made it all the way out to the red marker and back without falling, but was a big wimp when the smallest of waves came by. Next summer I’ll try it more and hopefully get better at balancing!

CASI came to Vancouver this year! All my nerds descended on the city for the wedding extravaganza of Min & Stacey. It was amazing to see everyone again and to party it up. And to bring Wayne back for president. I loved every minute of my 4 day weekend with them.

I got to see a lot of friends this summer, made a short trip back to Toronto to celebrate Ed & Sabrina’s wedding with my PA friends, and traveled down to Portland for the first time ever.

Overall, husband and I had a great summer & half of fall. I can’t believe it’s October already! We just finished Thanksgiving weekend with three turkey dinners in a row (currently boiling up the bones to make a delicious soup! Mmmm…). I hope everyone else is doing well. I’ll update the photos section in a bit, it looks like it’s completely out of sync as well. Ciaos!

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