starting over



elton: MIN! ORDER ME SOME FRIED DUMPLINGS! (from across the 20 person table at 3am)

min: no one touches my sack. you can only admire.
tee: it’s not even your sack
tinlok: yeah, it’s andy’s sack. And “Andrew” is closer to “Andy”, and our last names are closer than yours too. So it’s pratically my sack.

tinlok: wayne for president!

lis: not my gumdrop buttons!
tee: shuuuut up!

sheena: he ran my suitcase over a bone! and it got stuck! it was a BIG bone too!
tong: it wasn’t that big it was like a chicken bone
sheena: no it wasn’t! it was a huge thigh bone
tong: okay fine a turkey bone
sheena: I don’t want to stand so close to my suitcase anymore. it touched a dirty bone. that belonged to a hobo. a herpes infested hobo

(min: that must’ve been one well-fed hobo).
woooo! I had so much fun in New York with the nerds. Pictures to be up soon. Quotes up as I remember them.

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