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whiteboards != productivity

So we all have whiteboards at the office. The original idea of getting them was to be able to keep an up-to-date urgent/important grid for productivity purposes. But it seems no one has been using them for that reason. Instead, they all have random messages from everyone, and people’s to-do lists include things like “get morning coffee” and “buy candy” and “throw things at [insert person's name]“. On my own whiteboard, I write down things that need to get done for respective projects I’m working on. It looked something like:

To Do:
- PPR!
- call back [name]
- meet with [name] re: rotation

- production!
- send out surveys

CDN Link:
- Herman: trunk side development
- Wendy: trunk side parsing for BC data
- Karen: send out confidentiality reports
- Tee: has no alibi

Of course, that last one was put there by Herman. Normally I’d want to kick his butt, but Herman’s my pod mate and he’s super cool and nerdy. I love everyone in my pod. I used to be with jsey, but he moved onto his rotation, so now we have Milton. And Milton is actually … like the original jsey. But less chill. We’ll break him down in time.

Tee day in T-25 days. I hope you all have it down in your calendars! I should send out meeting invites. Matt sent me my 1 month-in-advance birthday greeting as he’s done for the last three years. It makes me laugh every time. :)

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