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highschool nostalgia

so I’m clearing out some boxes in the basement and I find a bunch of old highschool agendas of mine. they’re all filled with notes from friends and song lyrics and poems and doodles. and I’m looking at the gazillion pictures I pasted in here of people I know and interesting things and bands I liked and I’m thinking about how I changed.

does anyone know what ever happened to the bands:
Made? Zuckerbaby? Change of Heart? Seven Mary Three? Glueleg? Vibrolux? Down by Law? Gandarvas?

I know Made had that one single “Hair Down” (I even remember the chorus), and I know I have the self-titled Zuckerbaby CD upstairs with their single “Andromeda”, but as for the rest I seriously can’t remember what one-hit-wonder song they had to find a place in my grade 10 agenda. The world is full of interesting memories that you just forgot about until something unearths them.

Apparently there’s a slew of birthday information in here too. This will definetly prove useful.

Also in this agenda, Adi has left many comments beside a lot of the pictures I have of band members. Most of them are arrows pointing to certain individuals with the caption “he’s so hot”. Hahahah, it’s pretty funny.

I remember in my grade nine agenda, I glued colourful fobby note paper into those pages that no one pays attention to (message from the principal, handy formulas, periodic table, etc.) so that my friends could write me notes. Sometime during the year my agenda got lost (I think I left it in a class by accident), and when I found it again, pretty much every pretty paper that had yet to be written on was ripped from my book, and those that couldn’t be ripped at least looked like someone put decent effort into trying. Pages that already had writing on them had the cute little characters cut off from it. I was so sad. =(

conversation starter:
what are a few one hit wonder songs / bands you used to listen to?

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