starting over


ice caps at 8pm is BAD

so min came over yesterday evening to spend some quality time talking about the four months he abadoned us nerds for the hot hot weather of cali. it was an enjoyable evening that started with him appearing at the window like some creepy man who you know will kill the victims in a horror movie. that’s right. he’s creepy. and tall.

we went to the timmy’s at steeles and 404 where there was this commotion between some chinese kids. I wanted to take the table beside them to see what was going on, but min refused and so we ended up sitting further away, but there were talks of police coming and the story goes that one of the boys had apparently been caught in the girl’s bathroom. o_O min said that toronto was crazy, but I told him that spending four months in cali doesn’t make toronto NOT his home.

regardless, we had a lot of fun just talking about people and our lives and our jobs and our futures. min is a really bright guy, and I know he’ll have a super future. It was a blessing for me to meet someone as talented. next time us nerds should all go out, i haven’t seen lis in ages!

oh, min bought me an ice cap (because i had to claim the only other table in timmy’s that wasn’t beside the angry confrontation), and i was up til 2am from the caffiene.

last minute loose ends

I suck at this I know. I’m trying to get around to seeing some friends before I take off for eight months to go back to loo. and i only have…. two days to do so. because this weekend is the GWN competition at ontario place. oi.

conversation starter

what’s your favourite cookie? I seem to have a super sweet tooth, and so miss vickie’s chocolate chip minis are always delicious. mmm!

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