starting over



wow, i haven’t updated in ages, and I already have internet at home. I’ve just been super busy with school (I know it sounds like a lie, but really!). as of this morning, I’m officially enrolled in CHINA101R, intro to mandarin! I’m so excited, I’ve been wanting to take this course for aaages! :)

and resumes have been making me wonky. growing up is not fun!


my place at waterloo is… um, decent. it lacks a lot of necessities (just yesterday I had the mirror and door rack installed, both things that should’ve been there on moving day). My place is basically like res. without a meal plan. whcih means everyone cooks. which means the kitchen get super dirty super fast.

my place has:
- no screens on the windows that are big enough to throw a person out of
- no door on one of the three bathroom stalls for the girls on the floor
- no door on one of the two shower stalls for the girls on the floor
- no garbage bin
- no recycling bin
- no mail boxes
- no bike room

so you know…. it’s kinda shabby. but the ppl are great!


and happy belated birthday danny!

peking ducks at stratford!

frankie entered a PA alumni team into stratford to celebrate his *supposed* retirement from db (we’ll see next season….). this boat was stacked: mofos, imps, a long for the ride, pirahnas, and your friendly hydrophobics representative. :) for a team that never practiced together at all, we did surprisingly well in the water, landing a 2nd place finish in A cons, making peking ducks 6th out of 60ish boats in the regatta. woooo!!

but the best race to watch was the A finals, where hanelei took a total clean sweep, bust a boat-and-a-half past their three competitors, way before the finish. it was absolutely sexy. o_O

a firetruck can consume nine times its weight

I don’t have much else to report. I should be getting ready for class now. bye guys, I hope everyone is enjoying school / work.

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