starting over


325 600 minutes

jen and I are slowly counting away the days until RENT comes out in theatres. sadly, its release date is so close to exam time that we might have to wait til christmas break to catch it.

tri-wizard tournament

on the upside, the harry potter movie comes out a week before, which means I can probably justify going to the theatre to watch it before studying for finals. yes, that’s how the priority dice rolls!

clean up this hole you call a home!

as the floor manager at my place at WCRI, I have the authority to fine people. for any reason. the power is amazing! today I laid down my first notices. apparently I have to give notices before I give fines. but the point is, the mens bathroom is apparently a disgusting sty. and for that reason, people will feel my wrath. I demand a clean living environment.

tv! precious precious tv!

a lot of season premieres have now begun, and I’m desperately trying to keep up! what am I missing from my schedule:
monday – prison break
tuesday – amazing race, scrubs
wednesday – gilmore girls
thursday – apprentice: martha stewart
friday – apprentice, numb3rs

did anyone catch the first apprentice? it was ten thousand times better than martha stewarts apprentice.


school has been going well. I attend all my classes, and take good notes.


we’re throwing together a dragon boat team at the U of W. if you wanna come out to paddle, lemme know! we’re welcoming any members whether its the first time or.. you know, not.

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