starting over


so you like the runs eh?

I had dinner with bryan tonight. our five year friendship has been pretty amazing, we’ve stood through many ups and downs and he’s still by my side. we always have a good time when we’re together, and our maturity level always falls a few notches. I’m not old!

happy belated birthday dinner!!!

I threw out my back

bryan: how the hell did you do that?!
me: I was … stretching.

seriously. I threw out my back attempting to stretch. first I stretched forwards, touching my toes while standing. and then I stretched backwards, arching my back 90 degrees. and when I stood up again, I had a quick spasm of pain. and then suddenly, I couldn’t twist.

basically any movement that involves turning my chest to anywhere that’s NOT directly infront of me causes rediculous amounts of pain. all my muscles are strained.

and I hate telling people how it happened. so you all know. stop asking. :(

and the conversation starter

what’s your favourite four letter word?

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