starting over


hydrophobics does pickering!

or… more like pickering kicked hydrophobics in the butt and sent them home crying. okay not exactly crying. but I had hoped for a slightly better outcome of our races. and it’s not that my team wasn’t strong, it was that we threw our first race and were juuuuust shy of B division, which is where we belonged. sigh. that’s alright, we’ll take on island =)

my legs hurt

and I don’t know why. and I don’t know why I posted it either, just thought you’d like to know.

fun times with the hawks

thanks for chilling with me at pickering boys. and thanks Mark for your delicious sub that fed 1/10 of my boat. hahaha! =) *HUGS*

this week

I really must find myself a summer dress because the wedding dinner is saturday. anyone know of any cheap summer dress places to shop at in the yorkville area? =(

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