starting over


coles notes: my week

- TIDBRF @ CI with Hydrophobics
- watched Magnolia with A

- 5th place in B division (11th overall) at CI =) wooo!!
- no bunnies at the petting zoo =(
- jumped into the CI fountain =)

- really tired
- not a happy day

- really tired
- also not a happy day

- still tired
- a better day
- went to a steps class
- bought a book to learn how to write chinese

- that would be today
- rediculously tired
- nothing really planned
- returning book on how to write SIMPLIFIED chinese =P

- canada day!
- celebrate at frankies with sappy korean movies
- hopefully have lunch with jer

that’s really all I’ve got.

random thoughts

I really like my job. it’s a lot of fun, and the people here are awesome.
I want to go out for lunch today. perhaps I will see if the coops feel like going to green mango. if not for the food, then at least for the view. ;)
I didn’t get to see who made it to canadian idol’s top ten. but I really hope that girl that sang the bonnie raitt song made it in. everytime I hear it I think of ericsson jeremy. I miss jeremy!
yesterday’s crossword in the 24 was uber hard. since tomorrow is a holiday, I hope today’s will be easier. yes the corelate somehow.
I want to dragon boat. right. now.

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