starting over


spring forth and propagate the world!

… in whatever way you want. wink wink nudge nudge. yesterday was steph’s birthday, the infamous castrator sparrow. really boys, she’s nice! she’s currently enjoying her time in BC while working on her masters and baking all sorts of delicious goodies (I’ve honestly never heard of taro bread but it sounds sooo good!)

today is ernie’s birthday. the ernie that’s the first of the group to be engaged. hurrah! and it’s also jason lore’s birthday. who, I don’t have much to say about because I haven’t seen/heard of or spoken to him in ages so I really don’t remember much about him except he’s james’ friend and went to brebeuf.

contrary to what this blog portrays, I DO keep better track of my friends. really.

simon’s birthday is tomorrow. help me find him hot girls. preferably single, but you never know, he might not care about status.

exam crunch

crunch time has approached. I have less than nine hours before this final and I’m starting to freak out. I tried to do the whole “wake up early and start fresh” thing but I failed because I ended up taking a three hour nap at noon. dammit.

lisa went on a sobey’s run and brought back all sort of snack goodies, including mini rainbow chips a-hoy, soda-licious gummie snacks, ben and jerry’s brownie ice cream, oreos, pillsbury cookie dough, doritos jalepeno cheddar, and what we affectionately call “nacho sauce”, but the rest of world refers to it as salsa. you guys aren’t cool.

I should be studying.

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