starting over


lemme break it down for you

econ 302 final: 4 questions, 2.5 hours, 15 marks each, 60 marks total.

question 1: 10 minutes.
question 2: 15 minutes.
question 3: 45 minutes.
question 4: 1hr 20 minutes and still nothing.

what. the. hell.
I literally sat on my ass for an hour just staring. I think I fell asleep for 15 minutes. my pencil slipped out of my hand as I nodded off. the whole time I was trying to remember waht CHAPTER the question was from because honestly, I was clueless.

and on top of that, I don’t know if my answers for 1 – 3 will get me the full 15 marks each. my world is falling apart. FALLING. APART. and I don’t even have time to mope because my next final is tomorrow morning. and I’m really lacking sleep.

and food.

DC is full, gonna head home and eat.

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