starting over


“for breakfast I had pocky and an ass-raping”

today’s title provided by jonny, in reference to our networks final. I would’ve provided a warning for language content but it was just too funny that it deserved the post header.

has anyone else noticed that I tend to blog more when I’m stressed? I got four hours of sleep sunday night because of a final on monday morning, and last night I slept three hours while trying to cram my brain full of networks material and window shopping online for all the things I deserve to (and will) buy once I’m done this term. who wants to go shopping with me? :)

so my networks final was INSANE. not only am I already sporting a low average, but I’ve come to the sad conclusion that despite the fact this final was found difficult by everyone, this course will not be belled. because, with me as an exception, everyone in the course is sporting a low to mid 80s. this is NOT GOOD. I hate the idea of failure.

I have another final tomorrow evening (three in a row, my bad week isn’t getting any better), and I will study for that after I take a very well-deserved nap. and probably eat. unlike jonny, I didn’t have any pocky for breakfast.

I got mail!

so I checked the mailbox yesterday and elaine’s special surprise finally arrived. it’s a carlton card. of aaron carter. and it says “hangin’ with you is ALWAYS cool.” (open) “you’re my FLYEST friend!” that’s right, aaron carter thinks I’m his flyest friend. shut up, I know you’re all jealous.

it totally made my day. now I must find a card to top hers. the hunt is on!

soooo yeah. how’s everyone else doing?

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