starting over



so vivek found this site:
Steve Don’t Eat It.
well I’ll be, it really does exist. and it’s disGUSTing. gag.

yesterday’s msci caused my hand to cramp. tomorrow’s info sys is starting to sound difficult, I really should get my studying act together.


I went out for lunch at mr. sushi with rob and alex, two co-ops from TTC. it was nice catching up with them and stuff, always fun and always filled with awkward silences. hahahaha woooo….

expired food! (again!)

carm decided to make scrambled eggs with ambrose’s expired omega three eggs. she ended up using six eggs because three of them had gone bad and she threw them out. so really, we’re not EATING our expired food. but we ARE keeping a lookout for them!

slow cleanup

I’ll be coming home on saturday, and I’m excited!
see you all soon!

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