starting over



3B, you and I are officially OVER!!!!!! that’s right, I’m breaking up with you! I’m moving on to bigger and better things, namely your friend 4A! HA!

I never really liked you much anyways 3B, I always gave you all I had, and you always screwed me over again and again. I tried so hard to get along with you, but you never let me enjoy my time here. so from here on in, we have. no. relationship.

wait, except for the co-op term. that’s 3B. okay, AFTER the co-op term, you and I are done.

and you can keep the term finals.

bon voyage mes amis!

a large number of friends are going to enjoy their free weeks out of this country. thus, I’m expecting postcards from:
[min & matt] vancouver
[min & matt] seattle
[wess] (belated) chicago
[wess] florida – disneyland
[jenn] cancun
[lis] new york
[min] san diego

but until they’re gone, we’ve still got a week in TO to shake down! we’ll see what happens. I miss you guys dearly already!!!!

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