starting over


I still love you!

honest, I haven’t been neglecting my blog just cuz I’m enjoying the thrills of TO. I actually spent the entire day in my room amid old clothes and 3 years of dust throwing out / packing up memories and making way for my newly accumulated hong kong / 3B term junk. ah, the cycle never ends.

my room is currently a pile of mess.

and my infamous yellow bracelet has (once again) gone missing. such is life.

clock’s ticking

min, matt & wess are leaving soon. I hope wes finishes faster so we can all go do something before he jets. :(


hydrophobics practice numero uno was absolute killer. two hours of 20 minute sets and 2 minute breaks has thrown my body into rediculous amounts of pain. and that “cool down” swim that cramped my leg up? not a lot of help.

and the cycle continues next week! at least the team is getting into shape again!

time to randomly surf the internet. and maybe fix up that hydrophobics site that phil’s been ragging me about. :)

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