starting over



after being haggled by the only reader of my blog, I decided to post an entry to say that I’m still alive and enjoying my free weeks.

nerd alert!

yesterday, we went out and celebrated the birthday of my former roomie and one of the craziest nerd friends ever.

just for her, I took a shot of warm sake (which tasted and smelled like rubbing alcohol). we devoured platefuls of beef ribs (just like back in loo) and she took lots of rediculous pictures with my wacky but loveable nerds. it was great to have the old gang together. too bad wes couldn’t make it, but I don’t feel particularly sorry because he’s out in florida enjoying the sun and disneyland that lucky bastard.


did I mention I spent 100 dollars at fairweather when I came home last week? I also went shopping at ikea on wednesday where my sweetheart bought me a new blue ghostie, and thursday I went shopping with my cousin serena at yorkdale where I picked up this awesome summer skirt from h&m for teeeen dollars and some flowered hairclips (lisa got me hooked!). I realised now I should’ve picked up sandals from old navy too, boo. :( and I still need a haircut!

bye min! bye matt! bye wes!

you boys know what to do. send postcards. that’s right. I’m excepting postcards! oh, and your safe return (of course). hope you kids have fun!!!

tonight’s feast

I’m making short ribs for family tonight. my daddy is making shark fin soup and mommy is preparing lamb and asparagus. tonight will be a delicious feast of family love. and I am excited!

okay, I shall be off to prepare some food now. byeeeeeeeeeee!!!

PS. happy earth day!!!!!!

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