starting over


spread the smiles!

after stuffing myself silly at wing nite with the OLGC co-ops (yes, I only ate ELEVEN wings. AGAIN.), I was all smiles on my way home. at my stop, I said a thank you to the bus driver, who replied with a thank you and a smile, and a “have a nice evening!”.

after getting off the bus I noticed that, despite the red light telling me not to cross, there was no traffic whatsoever along finch. so I thought what the heck, and jaywalked. as I walked across, I noticed a car waiting to make a left on the street coming out of my neighbourhood, the driver looked fustrated with the red light and lack of traffic. so when I hit the sidewalk, I pressed the crosswalk button and gave him a glance. he was looking right at me and gave a huge grin and the thumbs up. I smiled back and waved as I walked passed.

I feel good. :)

plus, I passed networks. not a superb pass, but… a pass nonetheless! YAY!

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