starting over


and so it ends

another work term come and gone. it’s been a strange one, this toronto transit placement. I dunnos, it had its ups and downs. the people were great. the co-ops had a massive all out email WAR. interesting to say the least. but I made a few new friends out of it, so in the end… it was very eventful.

now that work term is officially over, I will try to post more. sorry donna! =)

and the packing begins!

so now I’m throwing random junk into the suitcase. min advises against bringing three pairs of shoes to hong kong, and advises against bringing my cortez in. cuz hong kong’s dirty. so… I know he’s right, but still, boo-urns.

I spent yesterday house cleaning. I cleaned the upstairs bathroom, vaccuumed, and did laundry. I watched the apprentice and I basically chillaxed. we have no food in the house as well. that’s not good. I don’t know what to eat for dinner tonight. perhaps I’ll make dumplings!

catching up

this weekend I had breakkie with terry, war & jen. we woke jen outta bed just to come out with us, we’re such awesome friends. =) it was great seeing them again!!!

tuesday I had dinner with jimmy. so… very full. it was a good dinner, and good catching up time. =)

wednesday I went out with donna & iola to destiny for some bbt and stuffed meatball noodle soup. o_O that was fun as well, it’s so good to spend time with highschool buddies!!

tonight I shall be out with my infamous three body guards: ivano, marc & jamie. we’ll go out and enjoy some food and then catch a showing of ocean’s 12. excited! =))) I can’t wait to see my boys again!

tomorrow my baby is coming to visit me. and sunday I will be off to hong kong, land of cheap merchandise and seafood galore. wheeee!!!!!!

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