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super shopping day!

greetings! the weather is currently sticky and humid in hong kong. I came here with all the wrong clothes. you know how canada is full of extremes, I either have sweaters (winter gear) or tank tops (summer gear). but here, it’s like… autumn. really, who wears autumn clothes? gay!

so I have tank tops and sweaters. but the weather is more like long sleeve shirts or t-shirts. both of which I don’t own, and don’t want to buy because as soon as I come home, I’ll never wear them.

anyways, the important part of this post is the super shopping I’ve done. I spent a total of 1500 HKD yesterday, and 700 HKD today. I hope customs doesn’t read blogs… I bought a LOT of clothes, one pair of shoes, some CDs and movies, and a few other things.

you know what’s in fashion here? skinny pants. and knee length skinny shorts. paired up with mid-calf sagging boots. and like, half an inch heel. and pointy-toed shoes. all things I’m NOT fond of. can you imagine how hard it is to find pants here? again, gay.

but you know waht else is in fashion here? mini pcs!! wheee! the one I’m using now at my family friend’s house is a pretty ASUS mini pc. oh, silly me…

RICKY!!! I’m currently at your house. your family is out talking with my parents, I’m being very anti-social so I can salvage my precious internet time =) I just got your comment, i’ll let everyone know you said hi!

another thing, they have TONS of cellphone brands. did you know ASUS makes cellphones? I didn’t… the selection is insane! they have this awesome new motorola phone where you can write on the keypad, and it picks up the drawing. it makes sense for those who write in chinese to use, but I guess I wouldn’t need such a thing unless I wanted to send lots of random doodles to people. ;)

the one thing I’m not too fond about is the amount of food outings I have to attend. every relative or family friend wants to treat us to dinner since we’re in town, and that means a lot of food. I actually don’t eat a lot here, but just the amount of time spent and uneaten food makes me =(

well, I’m about done. phils, I know you sent me your mailing address, but it’s stored at my email at home, you’ll hafta send it again to my gmail. alex, I got yours! pablo, thank you for your well-wishes, and I’m sorry I couldn’t fit you in the carry-on. besides, if I brought you, I’d have to bring seven other people. I think you’d run out of oxygen in there… at least you’d suffocate squished against another body. I can’t gaurantee that the other body would be a girl tho. bryan hahaha you remembered!!! that’s exactly what I thought of too! =) *huggies*

okay I should get going, I should go talk to people instead of sitting in this pretty room with a beautiful piano. rickie! why aren’t you back yet? =(


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