starting over


leaving in 3 days
I had a yearbook dinner today. actually I had a pretty activity-filled day. why does that sound so dumb? anyways I woke up late to woodpeckers (our house seems to attract a large amount of rodents, it’s disgusting…) and then bryan came over to help install some sctuff on my comp, I went to clement’s, sat and talked for a long while. yearbook dinner at seven, ran with mich to go get flowers at centerpoint… didn’t have enough time to stop by work and buy something for jamie, didn’t get to go out with my bro because I called him too late and he already made plans. =(
hoping I get to go have brekkie with him tomorrow before he works… and then meet laine for shopping in the morning (I’m making her wake up early just for me!!) and then I’ll go visit jamie.. dinner with bryan, sleeping over at jen’s. saturday will be completely family filled except for…. some quality time with johnny!! yay!

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