starting over


leaving in two days
I wish I could’ve gone to jen’s house to see everyone before I left. but I didn’t want to show up at her house really really late at night and not sleep over so I guess it’s best to.. maybe wait til morning. I’ll call her in the morning to see if I can go see everyone before I go. it’s getting quite sad, I’m gonna miss my ppl so much. =(
today I went to go visit jamie. *waves* I know he won’t be reading this til much later, but I hope he’s feeling better and sctuff. I hope he liked his gift.
my best friend laine works at amato’s pizza. I suggest everyone go visit her and tip her very well. it’s at queen and bathurst, they make amazing pizza.
had dinner with bryan today. he bought me a schtuffed kittie!! I love it, it’s all white, so I think I’m gonna name it snowy. or italics. I’m not sure yet. any votes?
went to go visit my work ppl. it’s dianne’s last day too =( awww… I got to say hallo to nimy and mark and marc. *HUGGIES* I’m gonna miss u too!!
okies. gotta get back to the packing *sigh*

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