starting over


damn you min!!

*shakes fist*

1 hour left: huh, another hour. I can probably hold out
15 mins left: damn, I guess it’d look too stupid now to ask to go to the bathroom…
10 mins left: *throws down pencil*
7 mins left: I wonder if I’m getting a kidney stone. right. now.
finish: oh GOD please take my exam already!!

…. three hours earlier

tee: sleepies!! >_<
min: yeah I know… did you eat?
me: yeah. I’m falling asleep reading my notes. crap
min: hmmm, tea?

if I get a kidney stone, I’m sending you my medical bill!!

uh, either than that…. I hope this midterm went well *crosses fingers* all taht’s left is HRM

oh, and jobhunt’s over. tee is now employed by TTC.

I deserve a free night.

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