starting over


damn you min, you did it again!!

I juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust remembered I have class at 7pm. it’s 826 now. SCREWED. and we might even be getting our hrm midterms back. DAMMIT! stupid econ, I’ve been staring at this book for most of the afternoon (I took some time out to play pirates). I think the whole “no class this morning” threw my schedule off.

man, wouldn’t min have reminded me that we have class tonight? wouldn’t he have mentioned ANYTHING? like “is it going to be cold tonight?” or “I don’t wanna go to hrm, cuz I hafta study” but no, he just ups and disappears and here I am sending msgs to him asking him for econ help when he’s NOT THERE! grr!! man, now I look like a big slacker! john’s probably gonna mention it tomorrow in algorithms… =(

*shakes fist*

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