starting over


I ache. all. over

somehow I don’t remember the fitness test being this hard. after yesterday’s hydrophobics practice I just wanted to drop dead. I was sooooo tired. I was even too lazy to cook dinner and just reheated mommy’s food.

my thighs are sore (I struggle to walk down stairs), my abs ache (sneezing HURTS), my arms hurt (I refuse to reach for things above shoulder height), and my back is all stiff. this bites. and what bites even more is that there was so significant improvement to (1) my 5k run, (2) my cable pull and (3) my situps. *shakes fist*

the strange thing is, I actually FELT like I was doing better in my 5k run. I felt like I was going to beat my time, which of course was a kick to the tummy when I found out I didn’t. it was really really sad. I guess min & I have got to work harder on the treadmills. =(

… once I recover from all these pains.

hydrophobics practice was sooooo hard too. it’s always hard, I really don’t think I’ll be able to make back to back practices anymore. I’m SO glad next weekend is the long wknd and there will be no practices. I’m seriously debating staying in waterloo, because I never get work done when I go home. but three days by my lonesome in this bloody place will probably be very depressing.

what else. oh, pizza! all you paddlers should note: sunnyside cafe has half price pizza & salads for paddlers. and their pizza is SO good. especially the grilled veggie one and the cajun chicken. *drool* I wants more. =)

kay, I’ve gotta do some reading and stuff before classes to look keener, so I’ll talk to you all laters.

[0=)] *WAVES* =)))

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