starting over


it’s hump day!

I haven’t had anything interesting to say in the last while. school has been draining me dry, and I haven’t been in the best of moods.

yesterday my cs group (min and wayne) and I installed nachOS on our unix machines. this is the start of the hardest project we’ve ever had to face. but it’s okay because we’ve already made a theme song. I’m sure you’ve all guessed right by now: “nacho nacho maaaaaan, I want to be a nacho man…” (we’re not that creative)

but after doing that for three hours, I came home and then philly wanted to go out to eat (I’ve always wanted to call him that!) so we went to some chinese food place that was clooooose (phil: “ding!”) and then we went for some sushi. I also bought coke bottles and a bubbo-t to keep me awake in the three hour class.

at the end of HRM we had a group assignment to do: write a job description. this was worth 5% of our over all mark. the whole time, min was trying to make suggestions but either they were not descriptive enough,

min: good leadership skills
me: kay, but think of another word for good
min: excellent
me: we already used that
min: wonderful. fantastic. great.
me: … *turns away*

or they just didn’t gel with the rest of the team. min, who we accused of having a personal agenda to join our team, ended up being a freeloader!

min: can you spell “freeloader”?
matt: m… i….

hahahaha! then I visited my sweetie. despite the fact that his place has no a/c, it wasn’t that bad because the temperature was cool and all the windows were thrown open. =)

I feel like cooking dinner tonight. I guess it all depends on how OS projects rolls along. I’ve got pasta and alfredo sauce, and shrimp and mushrooms. mmm!! I wonder how much work we’ll be doing today. I seriously need to do laundry. I did some laundry by hand yesterday so that ambrose wouldn’t be out of clothes (yes, I’m THAT sweet!)

thank you min for the mp3 cd! =))) yay! I finally have all the songs I want!! well, most of them. there are still a few albums I’m hunting for, but this gets me a lot closer. I also have the new nic tse album, but I didn’t get the jacky cheung one! boo!! =(

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