starting over


goooo snail!

chris has been training for a 5k run, with much better success than me. I found this on his page, it’s a chart of animals that run 5k from fastest to slowest time:

Cheetah < 17'00"
Gazelle 17’00″ – 17’59″
Ostrich 18’00″ – 18’59″
Hare 19’00″ – 19’59″
Horse 20’00″ – 20’59″
GreyHound 21’00″ – 21’59″
Deer 22’00″ – 22’59″
Tortise 23’00 – 23’59″
Snail 24’00 – 24’59″

first thought that might come to your mind is: snails don’t “run”. well, maybe they do and you just don’t know it. second thought that might come to your mind is: didn’t TEE finish her 5k run in 32 mins? why yes. yes I did.

I am slower than a snail. that’s really sad.

I just thought I’d share.

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