starting over


poor snail!

no one believes the snail can do 5k in 25 minutes? what if it was one of those gigantic snails? then maybe it could do 5k faster than me! you know what they say, slow and steady wins the race!

I still trying to figure out what exactly causes discussion on my website. writing about snails apparently is one of them. sadly, I can’t think of anything else snail-related to talk about, so I guess my comments will drop back to zero after this. =(

[stephie] I think rocket shoes are a little dangerous. and it would probably cause a lot of accidents. especially if I tried to use them. while holding a shovel…

[ed] giant african land snail! omg, what if it’s an underwater snail!!! and what are you complaining about, at least you can beat the snail!

[chris, chris, chris and chris] all you ahve to do is click the submit button ooooonce =) your marathon training is doing really well! and just between you and me (and all the other people that read my blog), I like your blog better now as oppose to before, because it’s SO much easier for me to read! =)

[simon] I think I’d be more worried about how gigantic a snail is than whether or not it can beat me in 5k. if worse comes to worse when I’m racing it, I’ll just step on it or something and said I didn’t see. but that would be mean. =( and gross.

[phil] perhaps the horse got tired out after the 3.5 mark? hahaha =) the tortoise beat the hare remember, because the hare got tired and took a nap? yeeeeah…

long weekend

the long weekend approacheth! and yet I’m spending it here. =( I’m missing out on the PA barbeque which I REALLY want to attend tonight but I have so much reading to do that I’m sitting my butt in stinky waterloo until I get it all done. *sniffles* maybe I’ll hit up CIF gym, it’s bound to be purely empty this wknd!

alrite, I should go read. god it’s early. I don’t have classes for another two hours!!

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