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just call me a dork!

so I decided it was high time I make use of the MD player at the gym (despite all my whining that it’s broken and doesn’t charge properly, which is probably completely my fault since I dropped it one too many times). so I open my box of “goodies” (aka computer and techie stuff, omg does that make me a nerd?!) to pull out the MD player and the charger.

I start picking at the contents in the box, since all AC adapters look alike and try to find the one that says “aiwa”. instead, I pull out one that says “vtech”. BAH. until…. wait for it… *lightbulb*

it’s the vtech adapter. for my vtech phone. which I thought I had lost and even got my supervisor at work to search through all the drawers of my cubicle for. and it was here. all along. in my stupid frekkin box.

overjoyed, I quickly got rid of the old cord phone (by “got rid of” I mean I unhooked it and tossed it into the box. and by “tossed” I mean gently placed) and, with an extreme amount of effort finding an available plug, assembled my trusty cordless and listened to the “low battery” beeps with a tingle of excitement. cordless! phone! oh how I’ve missed you!

I also ended up finding my MD charger. after finding my Palm charger. which I would also like to charge, but I’m lacking plug space =( unless I charge it in my baaathroom…. *hrm*

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