starting over


free night!!

I hope min doesn’t read this… hahaha! today I spent my morning (830 – 1100) at mins talking about our OS code. actually, we only did an hours worth of work and then we ate breakfast. it took me a long time to eat two slices of peanut butter toast cuz it was soooo sticky! and then we went to class and had such a hard time staying awake. I’m trying really really hard to not break my 8am wake up schedule, but damn. sleeping this late (it’s almost 1230am!) is making it really difficult!

after classes and engl tutorial (where we played bejewelled and tried to keep matt’s friend awake), OS group went to the lab to do more code. which we didn’t actually do. we made up great analogies for the lock mechanism (wayne’s not allowed to scribble on the picture I’m drawing because min won’t let him!) but we didn’t actually get any code done.

and then I called it an early night because I wanted to head home and eat and play badmitten. CIF is a great place to do gym workout, but their courts are gross! there’s no air conditioning in them, so it’s stuffy and disgustingly hot. I honestly didn’t do a lot of work during my three games of badminton, but I was just sweating buckets because of the heat. I guess that’s good, it made me LOOK like I did a lot of work! (thaaank you elton!)

the best part about playing with elton is that he’s so relaxed and carefree, it makes me feel like I don’t hafta try so hard. which, I know sounds back, but it makes me less stressed and I think people naturally play better when they enjoy the game. =)

after badminton, elton sprayed me with some of his axe deoderant and we hit up cove. we figured that we were all sweaty and smelly, people would naturally move away from us and we’d get to play all the games. but then we also noticed that since everyone is in math, they’ll all be sweaty and smelly too, so it wouldn’t work. =( we DID get to play a round of jitz with jimmy and eat free pizza! I also played that initial D game with elton, I suck at driving! hahaha too much coordination! =P we also played that shooting game, but I suck at that too, cuz I get too scared at the COMPUTER PEOPLE SHOOTING AT ME! *hangs head in shame* so jimmy finished the game with elton.

and then I came home to take a shower because I was feeling pretty gross.

oh! there was this guy playing jitz that knew elton, and he kept looking at me… and then he asked me “are you adi?” and I was like “what?!” elton explained to him that I’m adi’s cousin, and he said “you look SO much like her!” to which I obviously denied. but perhaps people who don’t know us that well, and saw us at glances would assume that we’re sisters? adi and I wouldn’t see it cuz we grew up together, and we can easily spot our differences. but we never honestly thought we looked so much alike to be confused as the SAME person! that was just kinda cool. and weird. but in a good way. cuz I love her. =)

kay seriously past my bedtime, and I’ve got so much crap to do tomorrow. so gnites!!

ps. I found the most amazing pair of shoes at winners and they didn’t have my size. excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out =*(

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