starting over


people are morons

there are a bunch of boys racing each other down the halls of MKW. everytime I hear them run by (they’re very noisy), I am reminded of the time alex made himself famous by racing someone down the halls here and running himself INTO the door, shattering the glass and requiring a trip to Grand River Hospital an stitches on his arm. I want to yell at these boys, but frankly, I’m too tired to care.

chris says…

“clean clothes are overrated”

I would really really REALLY like to believe him on this one because I am just too bloody exhausted from my race on saturday to haul my laundry downstairs, throw stuff into a washer, wait half an hour, throw it into a dryer, wait another hour and come back upstairs.

but I think I’m on my last pair of socks.

actually, I think I have one more. ah, laundry tomorrow then! perhaps even in the morning! ooooo!!

musselman lake is preeeetties!

I really would love love love to tell you all about the joys of racing with PA at our first regatta of the year, but I’m so tired and sore all over that I just want to sit here and not do anythign that requires effort. so instead, you’ll just have to imagine the fun I had until I actually post something.

I’m now off to play solitaire showdown with min. =)

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