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oh delilah, I have a problem!

scene: ed and I are driving home after practice (more on that below). and we’re listening to delilah. and she’s answering phone calls.
girl: hi delilah! I have a problem.
delilah: what’s your problem dear?
girl: well, I’m 14 years old. and I like a boy.
delilah: okay…
girl: he’s 19 years old. and he likes me too.
delilah: oh no.
girl: no, it’s okay. we’re not dating yet or anything
delilah: I’m not “jo mama”, but I’m A mama, and if my daughter was 14 and liked a boy that was 19 and he liked her back but they weren’t dating, I still wouldn’t be too reassured
girl: well, I mean we talked about it. but he said that if we were to start dating, we’d have to wait 4 years. until I’m 18 y’know? so then I’ll be “legal”.

us: …
ed: oh my god, I think I just got stupider from listening to her talk!

it was just a very STRANGE call. “so then I’ll be LEGAL”??? what the hell!??!?! was I really that dumb when I was 14 years old?!

PA practice aka Ed, Shut up!

so ed thinks he’s a big hot shot on the boat now and is telling our coach frankie how to teach a team. which is just WRONG, and honestly makes me a little irked. I joined a team to learn from others, yes. but if you’re a paddler, the best you should do is give opinions and let the coach teach the team how he wants. otherwise, go start your own team. I’m sorry ed, but that’s honestly my opinion. that’s why I keep telling you to shut up on the boat. because I want to learn what frankie has to teach. and ed should just pay attention in the boat =P

I got to pace yesterday with natasha. it was a COLD practice. oh! I got my carbon shaft paddle =) granted it was ambrose’s birthday gift which went completely to waste (slightly bitter, to be honest). but eh. I could’ve always done with the hydrophobics, the only issue was that it was short. I really didn’t need a carbon shaft. I wonder if ambrose had bought the first paddle himself, would he really be as keen to giving it up as he was with this one?

I’m in a mood of bitterness today as you can tell. I’m irked about my unfinished work report, about not getting to spend enough time with my boyfriend and about it being my last day of work and I have to leave jeremy with the new guy that I don’t think they’ll click very well. we had a website meeting yesterday. and matthew fell asleep as jeremy was going through our website with our entire group present. and then, my supervisor caught him. it was horrific, honestly. I could SEE him asleep because he sat across from me (I don’t know WHY he decided to sit away from jeremy and me, I just don’t know) and when my supervisor turned around to talk to our group, the first thing he saw was matthew with his eyes closed and his mouth open. for FIVE SECONDS he just watched him. and then matthew did a sleepy nod, and my supervisor went back to talking and matthew opened his eyes. aaaargh!!! >_< such a bad first impression! well, that’s it! I’m done with coop. done done done. I’m gonna miss everyone here. I’m gonna miss the nerd crew emails that we used to send (wth?! 60 emails?!?) and I’m gonna miss all my phone calls with ed. this was a great term dude, I’m really glad I got to know you better!!! please keep being a good boy, and… yeah, I guess you can use ambrose as a role model. but ONLY as a role model!!! you’ve been a great friend, and everyone here at ericsson will miss you! hahahahaa!! (sue said you’re hot! how’s THAT for a compliment!) you’ve been nothing but good, and I can’t wait til next term for more stupid fun! yay!! choo chooooo!!! so on a leaving note:
it feels like something heating up, can I leave wit chu?
I dun know but I’m thinkin bout really leavin wit chu!
– jt
I knew this song would get big!!! YES!

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