starting over


aloha ppl!! sooo much to tell you all about!
firstly, I got my new harry potter book. and I didn’t beat up any little children for it. in fact, my sweetheart of a boyfriend went out and waited in line at midnight to get it for me because I collapsed on my bed and passed out at 11pm. =( is my hunnie not great??? *mwa* he didn’t get to sleep until two in the morning just cuz he got me my book!!! thank you baby!!
secondly, tee’s dragonboat races was an awesome event. we placed third in the C division (going up from first in the E division last year), and we are very proud. we raced against Screamin’ Demons, a very good team, and TADs, which apparently had the hydrophobics former coach. so it was a good effort by everyone, but Screamin Demons was the winning team. Still, we’re very proud of our placing, seeing how this is only the second year we’ve paddled in community division. Thank you all to those that came to cheer on my team:
adi – you left so early!
lis & carm – hi!! I hope you guys had fun!!
min, wayne & andrew – boys should’ve stolen more pop! we had so much left!
weenie – way to kill my chess game! =P
jamie – *poke poke* I didn’t get a picture with you! >_<
iola & ed – sollie about the cherries… and the water… 0=)
ville & victor – it was so great seeing you two again & just talking!! =))))
james – for that TWO seconds I saw you roller blading past me
vicky – yaaaaay *huggies* I haven’t seen you in ages beautiful!!
is that it? I’m gonna feel so bad if I missed someone… =P oh, hi to Chris who gave me a call friday night but couldn’t come to the races cuz he was going to the sars concert! and to matt, who called me yesterday night but I haven’t checked his msg yet because I’ve been too tired… okay then, I’m at work, so I should get some stuff done. see y’all laters! yay hydrophobic!

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