starting over


oh crap. blogger switched me over to the new template. I hope I don’t have donna’s issue with the whole “my blog won’t publish the fifteen thousand posts I wrote out…” *grr* anyways…
so yesterday was very.. um… eventful. ed picked me up after work and we were gonna go play some badmitten, but we got ourselves “dinner” and by the time we were done eating our meal at the rec centre we were so full that we couldn’t play. so instead we went to a nearby park where all these kiddies were playing and had some fun… until we came across a see-saw and I demanded that we go play on it. so um, ed’s a little … bigger than me because he’s a boy and all, and he bounced me right off the thing and I landed on my butt and scraped my elbow and knee and got a small cut on my hand and broke my leg and got a heart attack from the dinner and ended up in the hospital without any arms!!!! hahaha I’m kidding, everything was true up to the broken leg bit. boo!!! and the whole time afterwards he kept saying “please don’t tell ambrose. I’m so sorry. please don’t tell ambrose…” and treated me to gelato in hopes to hush me up. it was goooooood gelato. =) I should take ambrose there sometime, except it’s all in the downtown etobicoke area where Iw ouldn’t know what I was doing or how to get there. =P
so anyways, that was my yesterday. today (I THINK) ed’s gonna come pick me up and we’re gonna go to the toronto outer harbour to check out the paddlers.anon team practice.

~*~*happy belated to ivano*~*~

hey darling, I know you don’t read this, nor are you ever online because you’re constantly busy, but I hope you had a great birthday and drank lots of alki and found a good women and… all that mumbo jumbo. I miss you tons!! hope to see you sometime soon (make time in your busy schedule, I wanna see marc too!) kay? *huggies*

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