starting over


first, let me talk about my yesterday. I was about to not go to the paddlers.anon practice (see yesterday) until ed decided to give me a lift. so we drove around downtown, got slightly lost, I got to get a picture of buns master *YAY* and ended up on the creepy deserted cherry st towards the toronto outer harbour. the captain recognised my ericsson tag (because I emailed him from work) which was a good thing cuz I had no idea what he looked like, PLUS I forgot his name. =P um… but yeah, they were very understanding and said I could come to the next practice. there was this guy that was so disappointed ed and I weren’t rowing he was going to offer me an extra shirt. that was “kinda gross”. er, thanks but no thanks… I also go to see the hammerheads as the left the docking area: “look, that’s the hammerhead boat!! that’s my coach!! that one over there in the ugly blue cap!!” I’m so proud to be coached by joe. hahaha!
so after that, ed and I went back to north york to go have sushi! that was fun. all in all a good night. with many memorable experiences. most of them being my random train / tugboat / truck noises *wooo wooooooooooooooo* and my scared noises (tee: “aaaaaah!” / ed: “ohmygod!!”) and I was supposed to take a picture of the gangfight we SHOULD’VE gone too, but ed chickened out. hahahhaaa!
and today… OH this morning!! when I was driving down leslie and about to go on the highway, right at the lights where the hospital is, I was waiting for the red light to change and a whole bunch of geese started walking in a line onto the road. at first they were waddling along the pedestrian thing (you know how at light intersections they have those lines indicating where pedestrians should walk? there!) but then the started to go out into the middle of my lane. I guess they got confused. and they had baaaaaaabieeeeeeeees!! and I had my camera in my bag, but it was in the backseat, and I knew ken would kill me if I tried to reach for it while driving. *POUT* but it was soooo adorable! and then when the light changed, I was afraid to hit any of them because well… they’re geese with babies! plus, if you kill one you can get fined up to 800 bucks. =P
that’s it for today. I get to see my hunnie today!!! *mwa*

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