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I’m still okay.

For all those wondering, my health has been doing a lot better.

But on other news, the city hates me. Read all about it here: news!

So the husband and I are currently living at our groomsman’s place (yay Dan!) and going day by day. I’ve had to buy some clothes, since I pretty much had nothing on me when I left the building, and both Wes and Heather have been so kind to lend me clothes and stuff. I’m so thankful for such fabulous friends.

Surprisingly (or not, I guess), I’ve found more information about the situation in the news than I have from the building update meetings. It’s so fustrating that the whole situation wasn’t handled very well and we can point fingers all we want, but the fact is – we’re all out of the building due to safety concerns and I know it’s a huge inconvenience but I’d rather they do their job and ensure we’re safe than to let us back in.

Things that I worry about even though I have no control over:
- my two plants sitting on the window sill. they’re goners.
- the nectarines and watermelons we have out of the fridge
- the bag of garbage (watermelon rinds) by the door
- the dishes in the sink

Oh well. One day at a time.

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