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This is my maid of honour everyone. Thank goodness she has a good sense of humour.

elaine: so we decided to get titanium bands because they’re cheap and they last forever!
me: just like your looooooooove *holy crap, did I just say that? I didn’t mean that! I hope she didn’t hear me*
both: ……..
elaine: wait, what?

wedding recaps to come soon, I promise. I really should update this thing more often. Also I updated the “Listening To” section to show the songs we used during our wedding. I love all of them – I actually had a lot more that I wanted to use but we had to narrow the list down a lot. For example, I wanted to use Ingrid Michaelson’s The Way I Am as our first dance, but A said it would be too hard to dance to. And by the time everyone left, they all missed the last dance song which was the best song of the night, Flight of the Conchord’s Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room). I’ll tell you more about it later!

Freighter names are funny.

While out canoeing in the OC6:

Trevor: where should we canoe to?
RT: how about that freighter at your 2 o’clock?
Trevor: the red one? what’s the name of it? Golden what?
RT: Golden 888 Energy.
[ the freighter was actually called Golden Energy]
Trevor: one of those Asian names.
RT: Lucky Elephant Dragon Energy.

It’s funny because it’s true. Freighters always have weird names.

Woo Chan Clan Wedding Extravaganza

Thanks Chengy for the fantastic photo!

I’m married! Our wedding was fantastic, and despite the fact that my face was melting in the heat, I had a great time. Highlights included:

  • our MOH being the only one to arrive on time, but forgot her dress
  • our best man trying to break down my door with a stick
  • the minister telling everyone to stand for the bride as my MOH walked in
  • the crowd standing around awkwardly after the ceremony because no one directed them where to go
  • my beautiful man giving a speech where he cried like a baby
  • the lion dance. the most amazing lion dance ever. performed by our best man.
  • dancing my last slow dance of the night to flight of the conchords

Thanks to everyone who came. You all made the night fantastic and even if the wedding sucked you didn’t let me know it. :) I love you all!

On Sungha Jung

FYI, Sungha Jung is the most amazing and adorable guitar player on youtube.

tee: i love this kid.
tee: i want to secretly kidnap him. and have him play guitar for my wedding.
tee: I’d feed him?
jsey: u want to kidnap a kid to play at ur wedding
jsey: when ur against me having kids produce valuable commodities!
tee: …. this is important!

Clearly I don’t consider this a bridezilla moment.

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