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Gratitude Cafe Tour!

Jason Mraz announced the dates for the second leg of his gratitude cafe tour recently! While I complained that Vancouver wasn’t on his original list, it’s up there on the second! And the best part? John got me tickets for my birthday! Eeeeeeee! So excited! Does this count as a mini honeymoon? A’s rolling his eyes at me…


Quick wedding update

  1. All my bridesmaids now have their dresses. I’m assuming they’re all making alterations of sorts?
  2. After hunting all over the city in so many different stores, I have wedding shoes! They’re white, they’re plain, and they’re awesome. :)

    my wedding shoes :)

    my wedding shoes :)

  3. I finished the cake toppers finally! They’re adorable, I can’t wait until the wedding is over so they can come home with us.
  4. I figured out what to do with all the jars, but it requires some additional work so we’ll see if I have time for it.
  5. Also including a peak at our invites:
    outside envelope.

    outside envelope.

    I just got Terry’s invites the mail, and it’s so gorgeous!

  6. Still figuring out: favours, place cards, and the veil. Also still hunting for: evening dress, if possible.

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